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A School Within a School

The Community Learning Center (CLC), an alternative school within the Laguna Beach Unified School District (LBUSD), is located on the Top of the World Elementary School campus.

CLC serves a total of 40 children in two classrooms in grades 1 through 4 with a child-centered educational style that creates a partnership among parents, students, teachers, and the community. CLC is a flexible, responsive program that reflects the interests, needs, and talents of the parent community.

While emphasizing academic skills as defined by the LBUSD, CLC promotes ideals that include community service, character development, social awareness with a global perspective, conflict resolution, and more.

Founded in 1983 by dedicated families seeking an alternative choice within the legal framework of the public school system, CLC children and parents form long-lasting relationships with each other. Many of these relationships continue throughout the students' educational process in Laguna Beach schools and beyond. Pupils from all four grades collaborate on projects with, learn from, and help one another.

The teaching team consists of two full-time teachers and one full-time instructional aide, who is paid for by contributions from CLC families. The instructors are supported by parent volunteers who work in the classroom every school day. Parents are expected to volunteer in the classroom six hours per month for each child in the CLC program.

CLC's current physical set-up is comprised of three modular trailers surrounding an open outdoor courtyard containing a few benches and tables. The two larger modulars are used as full-time classrooms, one for grade 1-2 and the other for grades 3-4, with the third used as a workspace for instruction in small groups, parent volunteers, bathrooms, and storage.