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Mission Statement

Educational Philosophy

The Laguna Beach Community Learning Center (CLC) seeks to create a successful educational experience that views each student as unique and valuable. The program achieves state academic requirements by engaging all of the student’s intelligences and fostering a project-based curriculum, rich in thematic learning opportunities and broad perspective. The CLC curriculum integrates academic subject matter, experiential learning, extracurricular opportunities, and supplemental instruction in various fields, as available. The program also incorporates the unique educational talents provided by its parents.

Teaching Approach

CLC teachers help each child discover their natural learning style based on the Theory of Multiple Intelligences*. Children are encouraged to think critically and creatively using teaching methods that promote understanding and knowledge of subjects rather than just the ability to memorize and recite facts.

Integrated Learning

CLC brings together students in the first through fourth grades in a spirit of collaborative inquiry and cooperation. Children thrive in this stable four-year learning environment. Younger students benefit from watching the achievements and confidence of older students. Older students gain a sense of pride and accomplishment through their work as mentors and role models.

Cultural Awareness & Community Service

CLC programs and community service activities provide a meaningful link between classroom learning and the real world. They foster understanding of, and contact with, diverse cultures and socio-economic groups. Through direct community service, involving problem identification, action, evaluation, and ongoing reflection and assessment, students become contributing members of our community and informed global citizens. Students develop cultural competence, exploring their connections to the world around them, while developing confidence in their ability to make a positive impact.

Character and Values

Students receive instruction in conflict resolution and emotional management. Teachers provide assistance in working out differences in constructive ways. CLC promotes everyday use of ethical values and caring behaviors such as patience, flexibility, generosity and empathy. By teaching and celebrating personal and civic virtues, the school fosters strength of character and emotional intelligence, and encourages in each student the development of integrity, responsibility, honesty, diligence, kindness, and respect for all.

Parent Participation

CLC is dependent on the support and active participation of each student's family. Parents are partners in their child's education to create the necessary synergy that nurtures the child at school, home and in the community. CLC parents participate in the student's goals and assessments, school activities and advisory board meetings. This unified effort sustains the school's success and encourages each child to develop a stronger sense of self.

Role in Educational Community

CLC is a separate educational entity, yet an integral part of the Laguna Beach Unified School District. It shares the campus, facilities, enrichment programs and administration of the Top of the World Elementary School. CLC seeks to serve as a laboratory where innovations can be explored, developed and shared with the larger educational community.


*The Theory of Multiple Intelligences was developed by Howard Gardner at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. It suggests that individuals perceive the world in at least eight different and equally important ways—linguistic, logical-mathematical, musical, spatial, bodily-kinesthetic, naturalist, interpersonal and intrapersonal—and that educational programs should foster the development of all these forms of learning.